Hop Those Blocks and Make Some Levels - BlockHopper Released for iOS

February 14, 2012 – Brand-spankin' new Canadian indie developer, Green Pixel (http://www.greenpixel.ca), has released their first iOS title, BlockHopper! With a lifetime of gaming experience under their belts, Rich and Joe (programming and art, respectively) are proud to announce their retro, side-scrolling, puzzle experience that all gamers will enjoy as much as they do!

As the lovable and optimistic robot, Bit, you must make your way through the perilous, challenging, robot-killing levels of a human-less planet. Luckily, Bit is programmed to upload special Blocks into the world around it! Got ice in your way? No problem! Place a Fire Block to melt the ice and clear the path! Platform too high? Psh! Place a Moving Block to carry you! Alien Lasers giving you trouble? Puh-lease! Drop a Crystal Block to protect you! This may all sound easy, but you're going to need all your side-scrolling and puzzle-solving skills to beat all 35 levels that Green Pixel has created.

35 levels not enough for you? Glad to hear it! BlockHopper allows you to download and play potentially countless user-created levels from around the world! When you're feeling some level design inspiration yourself, BlockHopper comes with a full-fledged level editor for you to flex your creative and puzzle-making muscles. Design, test, and upload your levels and add to the endless playability of BlockHopper!

Featuring tight (and configurable) retro-style controls, old-school pixel-art graphics, incredible music from Starship Amazing (http://www.starshipamazing.com), and witty banter that only a chipper, “life”-loving robot could spout, BlockHopper is waiting for you to play and create!

Available now for FREE! No iAPs!

Help us spread the word! More players means more awesome levels!

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Webpage: http://blockhopper.greenpixel.ca
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GreenPixelDev
Feel free to contact us about any issues and/or feedback at dev@greenpixel.ca!

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